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Tipping in China for Tour Guides and Drivers: Who, When

One exception is when you go on an organized tour. No one knows exactly why tipping is expected on tours, but it has come to be the norm. It is customary on tours to tip the guide and driver a certain amount per day. The guide should receive a larger tip than the driver, but both will expect and appreciate the tip.

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Private or independent guides work for an agreed fee and tipping in cash is not necessary or expected. However, you should be picking up the incidental expenses of the tour guide, such as meals taken with you and transportation. While tour drivers many times expect tips from foreigners, taxi drivers in China will not accept them. In most places

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I hope I’ve been able to clear any confusion about tipping in China for you. Most solo travelers wandering off the beaten path won’t need to tip at all, and for those of you who do tip, it’s usually not much. Keep a bit of cash handy when you’re taking a tour in China. Tipping the tour guide and driver is always a good idea.

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As for the private tour with us, the guides and drivers are supposed to be tipped. The reference tipping standard is RMB per group per day to the guide, and RMB per group per day to the driver.

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Although gratuities are not required (official announcements), and are entirely voluntary, tipping has become a common practice in China. It has become a very popular norm to tip the tour guide and driver, hotel bellboy in recognition of their good service.

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Actually, not to give a tip is acceptable in the mainland of China, so travelers can choose to leave a tip or not. However, more and more people give tips to tour guides and hotel bellboys now. Especially in Hong Kong and Macau SARS, tipping is to make the things go.

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Since tipping can be a confusing matter, China Tour offers the following tipping standard for your reference. We recommend USD $8 per traveler per day to cover all tour guides and bus drivers. The details about tipping will be offered in the final tour document when your tour is approaching.

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In China, as in all Chinese establishments, tipping is not required or expected in hotels. In very high-end hotels you may leave the bellhops or concierges $10 per item of luggage. But it is not expected.

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So tipping is widely accepted and expected by tour guides, hotel staff and tour bus or car drivers, in recognition of their good service. Let’s focus on some detailed questions and regulate our way to deal with the tipping issue properly in China.

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Plan your China tour?Do you think of tipping policy in China? To tip or not to tip in China is a question which has confused many foreign visitors. Those against tipping in China argue that China has no tradition of tipping; those for tipping in China think that China is changing and tipping has become more and more popular as a …

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Tipping in China is generally uncommon and can even be considered rude or embarrassing in some circumstances. Seriously. Leaving money on a table in an authentic restaurant may confuse a staff member or cause them stress.

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all local tour guides expects tips in China. unofficially, for tour group members, it can be anywhere from Euros per day and person (for Europeans) to around USD 5 per day and person (for Americans). Americans are expected to give more because they are pereived to be richer than other foreigners (plus tipping is a natural part of American

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Tipping is a gesture of appreciation in exchange for good services by waiters, bellhops, drivers, maids and touring guides and it is a common practice in China as well. But the tourists need to spend their money carefully in China and they are not required to tip the taxi driver every time or tipping the waiters while dining in some restaurants.

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Q: What’s a good rule of thumb for tipping tour guides (and drivers)? A: On a short bus tour (several hours or less), tip your guide 10 – 20 percent of the cost of the tour. Give it to him or

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As the time flies to 21 century, tipping is no longer illegal in China. Tipping for tour guides and drivers in recognition of their good services has become a common practice. But people may not be sure on when and how much a tip is expected. Here are some suggestions on this issue and they could be of an assistant when you need some reference.

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A lot can be found on the Internet regarding how much to tip a tour guide. Certainly, almost every travel blog or website in the field contains some discussion about money and tip issues. However, the answer here is not so clear due to the numerous differences that exist between countries on such issues as wages and tipping customs. In order to

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Tipping is a personal matter in recognition of good service from waiters, maids, guides and drivers; tipping is not common in western countries only; It has become a common pratice in travel industries in China, like tour guides, drivers, hotel bellboys, etc.

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· Guidelines for tipping a tour guide (full day tour): Large group--$2-$ euros/2-5 pounds per person depending on the local currency. Small group/family (private guide) 10-15% of the cost of the tour. This is for the whole group. So, if the tour itself cost say $100 then a $10-$15 gratuity for the entire group would be appropriate. It ...

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Dave Bruels of Interlake China Tours (Seattle, WA; ), who took his 51st trip to China in November , wrote, “I mostly organize private tours — groups of two to five people using only local guides — but do have some larger tours for organizations.”. He continued: “Before about 1993, there used to be signs in hotels that simply read, ‘No tipping allowed.’

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Though not very common, tipping is gradually being accepted in China, especially during a China group tour. In many starred hotels, high class restaurants and western restaurants, tipping is a way to show your gratitude for exceptional service. However, you don't have to tip all the time when you tour around China.

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Tipping is a tricky issue in China. It's officially forbidden by the government, and locals simply don't do it. In general, follow their lead without qualms.

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Contact a tour operator for detailed information. Additionally, you can also take advice from fellow tourists on how much they tipped their tour guides. This will make it easier for you to make a decision about tipping your tour guide. The average tip for tour guides in Budapest is to forints.

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Recently one of my customers asked me about rules for tipping tour guides. She was traveling in Europe and had pre-booked some tours through an online service. She believed she had paid “top dollar” for the tour, and felt that a tip for the tour guide should be included in the total price, but she was uncertain.

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Tipping on Tour Like any member of the service industry, tour directors, bus drivers and local guides depend on tips to make a living. Program leaders are advised to collect tip money from each participant at the beginning of the tour to avoid confusion and lack of money at the end of the tour.

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We frequently receive inquiries about tipping our tour guide and bus driver and here is the guideline on tipping for our tour. Japan is a tip free country and you do not have to tip chambermaid, taxi drivers, or hotel or restaurant personnel.

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Guides and Drivers: For a tour guide, offer 2, –5, yen in an envelope. To tip a cab driver, round up for a very short ride. A private driver will usually expect to have you buy his lunch ...

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Tipping is different everywhere in the world, so how about tipping etiquette in Asia? The list below contains tipping guides for (at the moment) 20 Asian countries and is based on over 80 sources, including TripAdvisor forums, Business Insider, Conde Nast Traveler and the websites of the official tourism boards.

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Tour Guide. Every tour is different and the tip will vary tour by tour. We’ve had amazing tours in Bangkok where our guides went out of their way to make sure we had a great time. Several of our tour guides showed us things we would have never found on our own and gave local tips. We’ve also had some tours that were really boring. No matter

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Tipping in Japan – The exceptions. There are a few exceptions for the ‘no tipping in Japan’ rule. One exception is with tour guides, who likely will help you or a small group navigate your way through parts of Japan. As these guides are more knowledgeable about foreign customs, they may or may not be open to receiving a tip at the end of

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China: Tipping is not customary in China with one exception: tour guides. Give $5 to $10 per person for a half-day excursions and as much as $10 to $20 per person for full-day tours.

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· Find out the customary amount to tip hotel staff, restaurant servers, tour guides, and taxi drivers in 25 countries – and where it's not expected.

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2) You can join in the optional tours offered by us and our tour guides in each city or area. Do I need to tip my tour guide and driver? In China, tipping is not commonly practiced but will be appreciated. Local tour guides and drivers expect your tipping as praise of their good service. The tip amount depends on how many members there are in

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In terms of tipping our fantastic tour guides, our trip notes always have recommended tipping amounts. But expect to tip them something like $ per day – their expertise is worth it! If you go for a bus tour, you can offer your guide a tip worth 10 to 20 percent the total cost of the tour. You can also offer the driver gratuity; a dollar

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Some advice on how to tip tour guides and drivers in Tibet. If you feel your driver and guide did a good job, then give them a tip. In Tibet, many drivers owning their own vehicles often work freelance, that is, they don't necessarily work for just one agency.

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How much the tip for tour guide in Vietnam In all trips to Vietnam, the tips are at your expense and Tips in Vietnam for guides and porters, drivers are required. CAUTION: It is recommended not to give too thin tips (in Vietnam, it is better to do nothing than to give a small sum that could offend those who receive).

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Generally, foreigners in tour groups seem to be expected to tip, and have been for decades, even though tipping is otherwise almost non-existent in China. As I think you've already learned, you will somehow be informed of the expected amount beforehand. If you're unhappy with the service you can shave it maybe a quarter or so.

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Planning your trip to Beijing? Contact Tour Beijing for a private Beijing tour guide that suits your travel request and your budget. We at Tour Beijing have over 30 English speaking tour guides with professional licenses, and we guarantee you have the best possible tour experience in Beijing.

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China is home of the Great Wall and has a wide range of temples to see and visit across the country, don’t miss out on the great cities in China either, such as Beijing and Shanghai. Tipping is still new though and sometimes discouraged so use your tipping guide below to see when you should trip as you travel across China.

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Tour Guides. Tour guides prove to be somewhat of an exception to the rule. Many guides are accustomed to receiving tips because tourists that are visiting from areas such as America who are used to tipping. It isn’t mandatory, or even considered rude, not to leave a tip for your tour guide, but if you feel obligated a few dollars is perfectly

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Answer 1 of We have booked Catherine Lu for our upcoming tour. The tour cost doesn't include tipping for the guide or driver. So that we don't embarrass ourselves, how much is appropriate? We're from Australia and tipping isn't our custom. When

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Here we would like to offer some China tipping advice for you. Tipping, not generally expected in mainland China, is seeing increasing popularity with the increased foreign tourist marker and is now often part of the tourist experience. Tips are included in the tour price for cruise ships and hotels, though shows of generosity are always

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Tipping local guides in China. Throughout your trip you may at times have a local guide in addition to your tour leader. We suggest USD 2–5 per day for local guides depending on their service and their involvement with the group. Participate in a tipping kitty in China

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Guides and Drivers: Taxi drivers, 10 percent; private drivers and tour guides, $25 per person per day. Continue reading about tipping in other countries. As you can see, tipping practices vary widely around the world, and you'll want to familiarize yourself with local custom before traveling abroad.

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Tipping tour guides: For guides, the normal tip amount is 10% of the price of the tour. Tipping taxi drivers: Tipping taxi drivers is even less common, unless they assist you with your luggage or give useful information on how to get around the place. Rounding up the fare is already generous.

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How Tipping Works. There's no fixed tipping rate for guided tours or treks in Nepal. Nevertheless, tipping is expected—if the service merits it—and it's a nice way to show your appreciation. After all, the guides and porters have ushered you and your belongings across mountain passes and have been your only lifeline (and perhaps a source of

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Tipping varies extensively among cultures. Though by definition a tip is never legally required, and its amount is at the discretion of the one being served, for travellers it can cause some serious dilemmas. In some circumstances failing to give an adequate tip when one is expected to is a serious faux pas, and may be considered very miserly, a violation of etiquette, or unethical.

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